Friday, May 6, 2011

Shaun Lammas James Robbinson External HR international Fraud

Shaun Lammas External HR is Fraud Company. The Person Shaun was my interactive person and he cheated me.. Currently he is running a company with name

Plz avoid working with this person as he doesnt pay and just get his recruitment work done.

I did worked as a freelance sourcer for the company external HR ( )in the month of may-June 2010.

Companys Names : - External Hr
MD names: - James Robinson
Country Head: - Shaun Lammas

Mr Shaun was in touch with me from last 8-9 months in regards to the payment for which I have worked.

I have all daily reports with me for proof and all his emails which gives silly excuses of making the payment delayed.

Every new month he has some reason for not paying and delaying things.

Now he says the company is shutting down and he is gonna own the same name External HR with sligh change, External HR International, so he cant help me in this.

I would aware other people, plz avoid working with Mr. James Robinson and external Hr and Shaun Lammas.


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