Friday, May 6, 2011

Shaun Lammas James Robbinson External HR international Fraud

Shaun Lammas External HR is Fraud Company. The Person Shaun was my interactive person and he cheated me.. Currently he is running a company with name

Plz avoid working with this person as he doesnt pay and just get his recruitment work done.

I did worked as a freelance sourcer for the company external HR ( )in the month of may-June 2010.

Companys Names : - External Hr
MD names: - James Robinson
Country Head: - Shaun Lammas

Mr Shaun was in touch with me from last 8-9 months in regards to the payment for which I have worked.

I have all daily reports with me for proof and all his emails which gives silly excuses of making the payment delayed.

Every new month he has some reason for not paying and delaying things.

Now he says the company is shutting down and he is gonna own the same name External HR with sligh change, External HR International, so he cant help me in this.

I would aware other people, plz avoid working with Mr. James Robinson and external Hr and Shaun Lammas.


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At May 17, 2011 at 4:32 AM , Blogger Avnish said...

Well currently Shaun is running a company with name Otium with website .

This guys is fake and uses Alias names every 2-3 months.

Plz avoid doing business with Shaun Robbert which was previoulsy Shaun Lammas & Shaun Robinson.

At May 18, 2011 at 1:47 PM , Blogger Tomasz said...

My name is Tomasz ...contractor in London.
My life became to be nightmare after "cooperation" with ExternalHR - Shaun R Lammas

As a mater of fact Shaun Lammas's new nick name is Shawn Roberts at Otium Corporation LTD registered in Seychelles.
This time he wants to catch employers that are trying to save VAT.
He is using virtual offices in many different places.
He has paid for my services for 1 week for incentives and has stolen 5 week payment of contractor in London!
Initially he was promising to pay in 7 days, then in 14 days then accordingly to "contract"
that allow him delay payment infinitely. In three weeks from the moment of payment by end client
ExternalHR, ExternalHR-international disappeared from the grid.
He was found at Otium Corporation Ltd that is his last signboard only because at the very end of
ExternalHR, he has been already using the new alias.
In order to delay reaction of the victim he is using various trics in contracts.
One of them is paragraph saying about LATE PAYMENT - I have never seen it before.

Can anybody tell me what does it mean???
see example, and keep in mind the virtual office used by guy:

after 30 days of standard time period ....
1.1 terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the Company provided that the Company fails to make the due payment within 14 working days after receiving written notice from the Contractor giving full particulars of the payment due and requiring such payment to be made within 14 working days; and

The guy is not signing any contracts .. be carefull

or better avoid as myself after three months of work without payment...

Please let me know if you have any problems with
Shaun R Lammas
Shaun Roberts
James Samuel Robinson

At July 15, 2013 at 11:50 AM , Blogger sevenforasecret said...

I used to be married to this man. He stole my company, re-mortgaged my home 3 times (without my knowledge or consent) he stole my money, stole staff wages. Committed fraud ran away. It took 18 months to find him and another nearly 2 years to get divorced, whilst trying to get divorced people he owed money to charged me and my property with HIS debts. He left me (his wife) and my little daughter homeless, pennyless and broken. I still have HIS debts and the courts, the police and the government investigation and insolvency services are NOT interested. I had lived in my home for years and had built my company for years before I even knew him; he took it all. The false names he uses are from ex friends and family members. Please do NOT trust this very cowardly person. No one can help you and you will find NO justice if you are a victim.

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