Friday, August 5, 2011


Here is a simple step on getting your facebook old chat back again !! :)

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Shaun Lammas James Robbinson External HR international Fraud

Shaun Lammas External HR is Fraud Company. The Person Shaun was my interactive person and he cheated me.. Currently he is running a company with name

Plz avoid working with this person as he doesnt pay and just get his recruitment work done.

I did worked as a freelance sourcer for the company external HR ( )in the month of may-June 2010.

Companys Names : - External Hr
MD names: - James Robinson
Country Head: - Shaun Lammas

Mr Shaun was in touch with me from last 8-9 months in regards to the payment for which I have worked.

I have all daily reports with me for proof and all his emails which gives silly excuses of making the payment delayed.

Every new month he has some reason for not paying and delaying things.

Now he says the company is shutting down and he is gonna own the same name External HR with sligh change, External HR International, so he cant help me in this.

I would aware other people, plz avoid working with Mr. James Robinson and external Hr and Shaun Lammas.


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Speak Asia Online Earn upto 4k-40k per month

Interested in Earning 4k - 40k Per Month ? ? Here is the Solution --> SpeakAsiaOnline

Q-> What is Speak Asia?
--> Speak Asia is a market survey website with the extra dimension of Multi-level Marketing (MLM).

Q-> How does one earn money with Speak Asia?
--> After you enroll and become a panelist, you will be sent 2 Surveys every week. You will receive approximately 10 $ per survey that you complete. Thus you can make about 20$ or Rs.900.00 every week. In a month, you can thus make Rs.3600.00 per panel.

Q-> Is there any upfront fee?
--> Yes, to become a panelist you will have to pay approximately Rs.11,000.00. If you want to earn more, you can add more panels by paying Rs.10,000.00. Supposing you buy 4 more panels, then your total investment becomes Rs.51,000.00 .

On an investment of Rs.51,000.00 you stand to earn Rs.3600.00 x 5 = Rs.18,000.00. That is a phenomenal ROI (return on investment) of 35%.

Since you will keep getting surveys for 1 year, your initial investment of Rs.51,000.00 can give you a total return of:

Rs.18,000 x 12 = Rs.2,16,000.00
Net Earning = Rs.1.65 Lakhs

Q-> How much time will you need to put in?
--> The surveys would take about 10 minutes to fill up. So if you have taken 4 extra panels, you will get 10 surveys per week. That means you will need to invest about 1 hour and 40 minutes in a week. That’s not much time to earn Rs.1.65 lakhs!

Q-> What is the MLM component?
--> You stand to earn more by promoting Speak Asia surveys amongst your friends and relatives. You will earn 10% from every panelist that you refer to. And 6% from a panelist made by a panelist under you.

Q-> I want to understand more about Speak Asia
--> You can check this website for more information about >> Speak Asia or call up on 9764636061 for more information or to join Speak Asia. Please note that this is not an official Speak Asia phone number. I have invested in this opportunity and have earned, and would be happy to help you get started.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

iNext Executive Search


My name is Avnish Jain. I am the owner for iNext Executive Search.

Here is what I can help you in this recession time by providing excellent services with very nominal cost.

Kindly check out below how INext Executive Search is beneficial!!!

What is iNext Executive Search?

 INext Executive Search. - An Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm which can help you reduce your recruitment cost and time by 70%-80%, while still maintaining a HIGH level of service.

Why iNext Executive Search?

 The world is growing faster & smarter. I with INext, do provide a human touch for SOURCING profile only by giving you the best active & passive sourcing & researching.

What do iNext specialize in?

 INext do specialize in Passive Sourcing, finding contact details, head hunting.

What is Passive Sourcing?

 Passive sourcing is nothing but finding candidates apart from job portal. INext do lot of research and can provide you with resumes apart from job board through various networking sites, google, blogs, web mining, and head hunting. Sometimes Passive sourcing could only give you details like Name, Contact Information, Current Company, Current designation instead of providing you with full resume.

Why Passive Sourcing?

 Recruitment world says Passive candidates are the cream of the crop; they are just best candidates for which companies are looking for. Active Sourcing is what all other RPO firms do and we want to be different from the world. I am someone who think out of box.

Why only iNext for Passive Sourcing?

 INext is the only firm which concentrates on just Passive sourcing. I have been into Passive Sourcing from last 4Yrs and have worked for couple of MNC’s as an Internet Researcher. My linkedin profile would help you to find my exact information -

What if we need Active Sourcing from iNext?

 Yes INext can also help you out with Active Sourcing if Job Boards are provided by you. You would get and excellent quality of resumes.

What are the Geographical regions iNext do cover?

 INext do cover Geographical Locations like, US / UK / Singapore / ME / INDIA (Only Executive Search for India).

What Sectors are covered by iNext?

 INext do cover sectors like IT, Oil & Gas, Construction, Telecom, Marketing, Sales, & Others.

INext can work behind the scene while at the same time you can concentrate on your core competency an area i.e. keeping in contact with the hiring managers, sales team and other contacts/connects, and other management and leadership functions that enables superior results to be achieved.

INext is NOT a Third Party Vendor but I work with you as an extended virtual team of your company.

Rates: -

Package 1: - $ *** for 1 month (all inclusive). NO commissions/Placement fee.

Package 2: - $ **** for 3 months (all inclusive). NO commissions/Placement fee.

Package 3: - $ **** for 6 moths (all inclusive). NO commissions/Placement fee.

Package 4: - $ **** for 12 Months (all inclusive). NO commissions/Placement fee.

What does an E-Sourcer do?

• Requirement Analysis and understanding requirement priorities
• Passive Resume/Keywords searches --PASSSIVE Search - LinkedIn, Internal databases, Search Engines, Social Networking sites, Technology groups and other online groups).
• Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Reporting.

Other services:
Vacancy Monitoring - $***/Month.
ATS (Applicant tracking system)/Resume database clean up - $***/Month.

Find Contact Details - $**/contact details.

Please feel free to send us an email if you are interested in any of the services and we will get in contact with you immediately.

Warmest Wishes,
Thanks & Regards
Avnish Jain

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to Search Passive candidates.. ? Contd..

Guys i am back with 2 post..

In my last post i mentioned about maltego.

I guess very few people might know about maltego.
Maltego is open source search tool,

Go to the following link and check what all interesting things you can get.

Specially this will be useful when you need to find several contacts of same company.

Suppose you are given a task to find contact details of
then just open the above link select Email address option and in search box type and see what wonders do you get.

will keep on posting many other things and my own experience.

you can reach me any time at

How to Search Passive candidates .. ?

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share my own view on searching passive candidates.

The maximum I use is Google, & Maltego.

I guess Google everyone knows.
We have various keywords like intitle, inurl, intext, Then filetype.

We combine various Boolean and use Various combination to search Passive candidates.

Some tips on how to find passive Candidates
1. Try intitle:resume AND "job title" AND location AND (Other keywords)
2. If you have targeted Companies try searching their Default Email address and then put that default email address in google. Default over here mean OR Etc...
3. Try Searching PDF, Doc, Xls, Ppt files and try extracting names from them.
4. Searching Xls file will help us a lot in this field.
5 Use Maltego, According to me its best software to find Company information, Personal Information, Etc..
6. Use,, to find contact info.
7. Use google Cheatsheets, which will less dows your working time.

I will keep on updating my knowledge as i get time. Hope the above thing Help You.

Passive Sourcing Training.

Hello Everyone,

Was out of touch from last couple of week.

And here i am back..

I would like to tell everyone, I give Passive training, which include how to Source resume on GOOGLE, Finding contact details, Passive sourcing, Etc...

So if any RPO In India is interested to take this training can contact me on my personal Email id...