Thursday, April 28, 2011

Speak Asia Online Earn upto 4k-40k per month

Interested in Earning 4k - 40k Per Month ? ? Here is the Solution --> SpeakAsiaOnline

Q-> What is Speak Asia?
--> Speak Asia is a market survey website with the extra dimension of Multi-level Marketing (MLM).

Q-> How does one earn money with Speak Asia?
--> After you enroll and become a panelist, you will be sent 2 Surveys every week. You will receive approximately 10 $ per survey that you complete. Thus you can make about 20$ or Rs.900.00 every week. In a month, you can thus make Rs.3600.00 per panel.

Q-> Is there any upfront fee?
--> Yes, to become a panelist you will have to pay approximately Rs.11,000.00. If you want to earn more, you can add more panels by paying Rs.10,000.00. Supposing you buy 4 more panels, then your total investment becomes Rs.51,000.00 .

On an investment of Rs.51,000.00 you stand to earn Rs.3600.00 x 5 = Rs.18,000.00. That is a phenomenal ROI (return on investment) of 35%.

Since you will keep getting surveys for 1 year, your initial investment of Rs.51,000.00 can give you a total return of:

Rs.18,000 x 12 = Rs.2,16,000.00
Net Earning = Rs.1.65 Lakhs

Q-> How much time will you need to put in?
--> The surveys would take about 10 minutes to fill up. So if you have taken 4 extra panels, you will get 10 surveys per week. That means you will need to invest about 1 hour and 40 minutes in a week. That’s not much time to earn Rs.1.65 lakhs!

Q-> What is the MLM component?
--> You stand to earn more by promoting Speak Asia surveys amongst your friends and relatives. You will earn 10% from every panelist that you refer to. And 6% from a panelist made by a panelist under you.

Q-> I want to understand more about Speak Asia
--> You can check this website for more information about >> Speak Asia or call up on 9764636061 for more information or to join Speak Asia. Please note that this is not an official Speak Asia phone number. I have invested in this opportunity and have earned, and would be happy to help you get started.

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