Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to Search Passive candidates.. ? Contd..

Guys i am back with 2 post..

In my last post i mentioned about maltego.

I guess very few people might know about maltego.
Maltego is open source search tool,

Go to the following link and check what all interesting things you can get.

Specially this will be useful when you need to find several contacts of same company.

Suppose you are given a task to find contact details of
then just open the above link select Email address option and in search box type and see what wonders do you get.

will keep on posting many other things and my own experience.

you can reach me any time at

How to Search Passive candidates .. ?

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share my own view on searching passive candidates.

The maximum I use is Google, & Maltego.

I guess Google everyone knows.
We have various keywords like intitle, inurl, intext, Then filetype.

We combine various Boolean and use Various combination to search Passive candidates.

Some tips on how to find passive Candidates
1. Try intitle:resume AND "job title" AND location AND (Other keywords)
2. If you have targeted Companies try searching their Default Email address and then put that default email address in google. Default over here mean OR Etc...
3. Try Searching PDF, Doc, Xls, Ppt files and try extracting names from them.
4. Searching Xls file will help us a lot in this field.
5 Use Maltego, According to me its best software to find Company information, Personal Information, Etc..
6. Use,, to find contact info.
7. Use google Cheatsheets, which will less dows your working time.

I will keep on updating my knowledge as i get time. Hope the above thing Help You.

Passive Sourcing Training.

Hello Everyone,

Was out of touch from last couple of week.

And here i am back..

I would like to tell everyone, I give Passive training, which include how to Source resume on GOOGLE, Finding contact details, Passive sourcing, Etc...

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